Deleting my account

I want to delete my account and I cannot seem to find where I do this? I have 2 accounts and I want to keep the other one and delete this one.

It seems that a moderator will need to do it for you.

Although that topic is old (2013), I can’t see any evidence that things have changed. There doesn’t seem to be a delete option in the settings.

@Tut or @Brucanna may be able to help.

@Jacqueline_Woodard, you have posted four related topics in the last hour.

What “notifications” are you referring to? Copies of transactions emailed to customers/suppliers? If so, go to Email Settings in the Settings tab.

Or are you referring to the address at which you receive the newsletter? Click the link at the bottom of any edition of the newsletter to “Update your preferences.”

If you are referring to accounts on the forum, please say so. And specify which account you want to delete.

I believe they are referring to email notifications from the forum.

They have two accounts, and want to delete this one (Jacqueline_Woodard). They will use the other account instead.

That may be. But I am waiting for a direct response from @Jacqueline_Woodard. No one will take action on someone’s account based on the interpretation of another user.

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