How do I close my forum account

I don’t use Manager online and wish to close my account/leave the forum as my business will be closing soon, but there isn’t an option or information on how to do this anywhere that I can see. Any help greatly appreciated.


Do you mean the cloud version of Manager, which has a monthly change or your forum account which is free.

If the latter, you can just stop using it.

@FirehorseUK, if you confirm you wish to deactivate your Forum account, I will do that. Understand, however, that having a Forum account and using the subscription cloud edition of Manager are two unrelated things.

Also, know that deactivating your account will not remove your prior posts from the Forum. Until today, you have only posted to one topic. But responses were posted to the topic you started by other members, so it cannot be deleted.

Hi Tut

I trust this message finds you well and safe.

Thanks for the response.

I was using Wave for my simple accounts, but they have decided to concentrate on the US/Canada market only in future, so I’ve reinstalled and it’s all steam ahead with using Manager again.

I’ll be keeping the forum account open.

Stay safe,