Delete old accounts

How can i delete accounts in “Bank accounts” I get the error saying

“This record cannot be deleted because it is associated with another object”

You can never delete anything in Manager that was used for previous transactions. Because Manager is a double-entry accounting system, all transactions must be balanced between debits and credits. If you take away the bank account side of the transaction, the entire transaction is unbalanced and ends up in Suspense.

While the account itself may be inactive, or even closed, the transactions associated with it are still valid. They are part of the record of how the company reached its current position. What you can do is edit the bank account’s name to show it is obsolete. By default, the bank accounts are listed in alphabetical order. With a little creativity, you can make the inactive account show last in the list. (Just adding Obsolete to the beginning of its name might work. Or place an X in front.)

Now, if the account was created by mistake, just look at the transactions under its statement balance. Recategorized them to a real account and you will be able to delete the mistaken one. This guidance applies to anything in Manager: you cannot delete anything referenced by something else, but can delete anything once all connected transactions are eliminated.

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We should be able to set account as inactive so that they don’t show up on the drop down menu where we select account for transactions, @Tut?

Yeah, inactivity concept needs to be implemented for bank accounts, cash accounts, general ledger accounts etc.