Deleting a Bank Account

I have managed to stuff up my accounting and I am starting afresh but I cannot seem to delete an obselete bank account even though it gives me the option when I go into it. Can you please help?

You cannot delete a bank account if it has any transactions recorded on it. It would break links between invoices and payments and such. Lubos mentioned at one point he was working on a feature to Archive unnecessary accounts, which would hide them from view.

@grundoko is right. Only bank accounts which don’t have any transactions in it can be deleted. So to delete a bank account, all transactions in it must be deleted first. There is no bulk-delete functionality in the program at this point.

I face the same situation.

I just created a bank account but never make any transaction with it.

How come it shows “Cannot delete this item because it is used in at least one transaction”?

What version are you using? There was an issue fixed earlier this month regarding bank accounts and inability to delete them under certain conditions.

Hi, Lubos. Thanks for your reply. Im using Manager 14.10.23

Try to upgrade to the latest. Your version is 2 months old and this issue has been fixed last month.

It works now. Thank you so much!

I was facing the same issue, and figured out that once there are transactions the account cannot be deleted.
So going into the account and deleting each transaction is the only way.
Is there a way or in the upcoming version if a select all tab can be made, to select all transactions in 1 go. and select delete??