Deleted Invoice Recovery

I am desperately looking for a way to recover what may have been a deleted Invoice. I cannot find my Invoice #13 in my list. My records for this customer are now all out of whack and are showing a credit due to that customer. I am trying to invoice this customer for a new purchase and I cannot do it without a credit due showing on their invoice.
Can anyone help?


In the short term, why not re-create a #13 to the value of the credit so that your new invoice is unaffected by any credit. You could leave the account as “suspense” so its highlighted in the system. Then when you have an opportunity you can explore further, even asking the customer for a copy of their #13 so you can amend the details of the re-created #13.

Generally, invoices don’t delete themselves but sometimes computers can do strange things.

I’ll try that. Thanks. I am definitely not an accountant and definitely do not have any leanings of having an accountant’s mind/talents. I downloaded this software because it was the easiest and most user-friendly to create quotes and invoices. The accounting is beyond me.

Thanks for providing a useful product for my business and for your help here. I will give it a shot.

I am sure I accidentally deleted the invoice. I am not claiming that it deleted itself or that any computer voodoo happened. I must have struck the wrong buttons thinking I was working on something else.


Just a after thought, for there to be a credit implies that it must have been paid.

Anyhow, go to Reports - Customer Statements. select Transactions and inserts dates from (your manager start date) and to (today) and create. Scroll to the Customer and then you should see all their transactions - from here you can reconcile (marry up) the account.

You have something else going on, @MSeck. Manager will not allow deletion of a sales invoice against which a receipt has been recorded. So you either deleted invoice #13 before payment was received, or you are recording receipts incorrectly. Have you read the Guides pertaining to receiving money and sales invoices?

Got it all figured out.
Thanks, guys!