Sales invoice with wrong receipt reference

credit money for a customer with payment number (#12) then he returned back with receipt number (#10) , account statement show balance zero as should be.

I do sales invoice for that customer after a while. the invoice show its paid in full ??? with receipt number (#10)

shall I do journal entry instead payment and receipt ? or its bug should be fixed ?

Please show edit screen images of the transactions causing a problem

What do you mean by " credit money for a customer " - there is no transaction credit money in Manager

@Joe91 [quote=“Joe91, post:2, topic:28019”]
What do you mean by " credit money for a customer "

one of my client asked for a personal money credit ( personal loan )
the problem it come once received the money on payments

Read this guide Avoid automatic credit allocations with special accounts | Manager

@Joe91 thank you .but if I go through special account control then the transaction will not show in my customer statements. because it separate account. and this customer payment and receipt its not belong with sales invoice to show at his account stament

unfortunately the guide you refer to me it can’t be used in my case. because there is will be a mismatching with customers account statement when we do reconciliation account with our customer.

I suggest to add an option for invoices to stop automatically reconciled with payment and receipt.or just make it manually to avoid this issue

hello @lubos
any solution for this case?

@maldroubi, your posts are very confusing. So are the actions you seem to have taken. If I understand correctly, you have a customer who asked for a personal loan. If you gave one, that is not a business transaction. So it should not have been entered in the Manager records of your business at all.

If your customer borrowed money from your business, that would be entered as a loan in an appropriate asset account. Customer statements involve sales invoices, credit notes, and receipts in the customer’s subaccount of Accounts receivable, not loans. So it is not clear what you expect or why you think anything about this loan should show up in a customer statement. Maybe you can explain in more detail.

@Tut sure we have business with that customer and the borrowed money from the company. if i entered the borrowed money in an asset account ( loan ) will not show at customer account statement. and if i want follow the customer balance i will missed the loan because its had been registered under different account.

if i want to transfer money from the bank to one of our customer as( borrowed money ) . and once i received back the ( borrowed money ) cash or remittance. what should i go for ?

what you suggest to do. to be able to show under the customer statement without affect the sales invoice instead the asset account?

by the way if the receipt not split as picture it will not remain at the sales invoice.

@maldroubi, I am not saying this would be good accounting practice. But the only way you will see transactions and balances for a customer on a customer statement is to post the transactions to the customer’s subaccount in Accounts receivable (or a custom control account to which you have assigned that customer). Since payments cannot be associated with customer’s subaccounts, you will have to enter the loan with a credit note.

your issue was already addressed on the forum and is in the ideas category. please read below.

@Tut, if you mean something like that in the picture, so it still show at the sales invoice.

and the issue well still remain if I using Special Accounts to manage customer deposits which does not reflect on the Customer Transactions report.

I need solution to avoid the payments show at the sales invoice.

@sharpdrivetek will be great solutions. it could help to avoid some payment pointed to the sales invoice directly
@lubos hopefully will be add it ASAP.

@maldroubi, the difficulty with what you want is that it is not normal accounting practice to mix loans with ordinary accounts receivable and the statements that go along with receivables. If you want to create some kind of combined statement, you may have to do it outside of Manager.

@Tut. if i am not wrong the manager is accounting program . and the accounting program usually is used to organize all things that need a programs to organize it. Accounting softwares is found to fulfill these functions. Please do not tell me what to do if the program lacks some functions.

according to your suggestion many of MANAGER users must shift to another program.

what I propose and @sharpdrivetek is normal accounting process ( this is proposed to improve the performance of the program.) so take it or leave it but don’t tell me make it out side MANAGER.

No, the program is used to perform the functions it was designed to perform. Manager was not designed to do what you want it to do.

You already knew Manager lacked the function you want. So why did you ask? All I did was confirm that currently you will need to do what you want outside the program.