Trouble with payment and invoce

I have invoices that have disappeared, so my client who for example had an invoice in 2018, to pay, already recommended … this invoice for 2018 has been deleted and my software says that this new invoice is already paid. I have 8 pages of invoices like that. I keep your billing every 2 weeks, I give customers the different credits they have. :slight_smile: Help me please

Hi, so what I understood is this:

  • You have invoices A (paid) & B (not paid)
  • Somehow Invoice A was deleted
  • The payment fo A was not deleted and is now allocated to invoice B.
  • Now invoice B appears to be paid

Is this your situation?

You could have issues with date selection. You could be dealing with differences between accrual and cash accounting. You could have problems with automatic payment allocation. There are Guides about all those subjects.

If the Guides do not solve your problem, you will need to illustrate with screen shots.

it was ok, all be back fine :slight_smile: