Delete journal entry

I was in process of deleting a stack of journal entries (new to program and entered transactions as journal entries). A box popped up after the last one I did and I assumed it was just asking if I wanted to keep seeing the are you sure you want to delete box so I ticked it. Now I can’t delete any entries, how do I reverse this please?

Use the Undo function in History. See

Thanks for reply but the undo function seems to be disabled also

It does not look like you visited the Guide. Why do you say the Undo function is disabled? What did you do and what happened?

Actually I did read the guide and it does not solve the problem.
The problem seems to originate from when I was deleting journal entries. I was individually deleting the entries as I entered them incorrectly. While I was doing so a box popped up after I deleted each one. I ignored the box for a few transactions and then ticked the box in the Pop-up assuming it was asking me not to show the message again after each delete request (obviously I should have taken the time to read it properly as now I can’t use the delete function). As I have also said, whatever I have ticked seems to have also taken out the undo finction

I am sorry, but I cannot follow your description of what happened.

The box asks, “Are you sure?”

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 5.28.29 PM

If you ignore it, you cannot move on. You must answer Yes to delete the function, or No to terminate the process and return to the Edit screen you were on. So, if you were deleting journal entries, you were not ignoring this box.

It wasn’t. And if you ticked either button, you either abandoned the deletion process or completed it.

No, it didn’t. Deleting a transaction like a journal entry is a completely different process from using the Undo function while viewing an entry in the History file. If you are really having the kind of problem you say you are, you need to illustrate it. If necessary, create a test business so you do not further corrupt your actual accounting records. Make some sample entries, then experiment to see how Delete and Undo actually work. Take some screen shots along the way so you can post them if you really have a problem.

Thanks again, no that wasn’t the box that popped up. I have had to go out to get ink so will try to open a new business when I get home and see if I can reply are the box for you to help with.