Default Due Date

Is it possible to be applicable to set a default setting for Invoice due date by Customer, I mean to set a different default due date for each Customer with a chance to change it manually.

*I know I can set default due date but it will be applied to all customers while I have different default for each one.


Sorry, this is not currently supported.

Any chance it’ll be supported soon? I imagine it’s a matter of setting the current date in the dropdown to $today+14 or +28 etc.

From the source code it appears you are using bootstrap-datepicker and it has a function for - or + x days: bootstrap-datepicker — bootstrap-datepicker documentation

@Justin_Zobel, you are responding on a four year old, obsolete topic.

What you describe would set a uniform default date, which can already be done. See the Guide: Set form defaults | Manager. Default invoice parameters cannot be set by customer.

So replying here for a per customer due date was appropriate if the feature is still missing. Thanks for the link but per customer due dates would be a nice feature to have.

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