Debit Note Custom Title

Is there a way to add a custom title to Debit Notes - same as delivery note etc

No, but you’ve already seen that. It’s an internal document so why would you even want to change the title?

We get equipment from suppliers to use for demo which we need to return after the demo. We have been using delivery notes to return the items in order to have a paper trail. But this means that we have to duplicate suppliers to customers in order to use the delivery note. It would just have been better to rather use the Debit Note as this is per supplier and be able to have a custom title which can then be changed to “Goods Returned” instead.
This way we can also keep our customer base clean and not cluttered with suppliers

What did you use to record the receipt of the items?

My receipt is the document we signed for the supplier. We don’t log the equipment as inventory.
We issue the equipment on a Delivery Note to relevant Customer when we deliver the goods for the purpose of the demo. When we return items to the Supplier we need them to sign receipt that they have received the goods back. As mentioned we have been using Delivery Notes which has been ok, but with having to copy Suppliers to Customer - the database is just getting messy. Just thought it would be possible to rather use Debit Notes with a custom title i.e. Goods Returned. If this is not possible I do fully understand just thought I would ask

I’m confused now.

You get some equipment from a supplier which you then put in a customer’s premise/shop/whatever for demonstration purpose.

After the demonstration, you recover the equipment from the customer and deliver it back to the supplier.

Is this correct?

At no time do you have any financial payment or risk involved ?

So there is no impact on your financial results or risks at all

Hi Joe, that is correct yes. There’s no financial payment / risk / implication on our side. It’s simply a paper trail.

Then you should not be using any Manager transaction for any stage of this workflow, and especially not delivery notes or debit notes. Those will affect inventory counts (which are non-existent) and Accounts payable balances. As @Joe91 already said, these are not accounting actions and do not belong in your accounting records.

Thank you

Even though these do not affect accounting figures, I believe these are still transactions that belong to inventory system.

One way to handle this would be to create Inventory Location and then use Inventory Transfer transaction that will allow you track quantity at inventory locations.

Thank you Lubos!

I do track these under Inventory Location so no issue there.
I just thought I could rather use Debit Note with a Custom Title to return goods to Supplier instead.
Using Delivery Notes with Custom Title of “Goods Returned” works.
I was just trying to avoid copying all my Suppliers into my Customer database.

There are going to be some changes how delivery notes and goods receipts impact Qty on hand, Qty to deliver and Qty to receive. The current implementation is not good.

So let’s wait for these changes and then we check how new approach could fit your workflow.

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The problem is that @amcl’s items are not inventory. That was made clear. How can you assign such things to an inventory location?

For non-inventory items, this will be possible to handle using upcoming custom reports.