Debit note usage

If I return some faulty goods to my supplier and they refund me the costs of that item do I record this as a debit note, just like I would when I issue a credit note for customer returns to me when I have refunded that customer?

When supplier is refunding you money, no need to record it as a debit note. Simply go to Bank accounts tab (if refund was received in your bank account) and record Receive money transaction.

Debit notes tab is mostly for situations when supplier is not refunding cash and only giving you credit for future purchases.

Thank you for answering my question.

The “Debit Note” is a great feature. Would it be possible to give the User the option to “Rename” it?
For example: I would Rename it to RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Many users who buy inventory would be familiar with “RMA”…

RMA is something else isn’t it? My understanding is that you issue RMA to supplier as a formal request for credit note, right?

As I use RMA (or Debit Note), they are the same. This satisfies a Purchase Transaction that you’ve had some sort of issue with.

What you would expect from a Supplier (Vendor), is to satisfy a purchase that had issues. Either a Replacement for the Item, Repair the Item, or a Credit back to you.

Your Debit Note’s features are perfect for RMA. ( more so than QB offers).