Dealing with Duplicate Items (Option to fix not showing):-

I understand there should be an option to fix the duplicate items but it hasn’t showed up. Not sure if it’s because its a large inventory, as i have about 30,000items

there is/was an option Find and merge duplicate inventory items | Manager
but at present it is categorized as a bug which will be fixed. read below.
Find & merge inventory

Alright thanks for that update. Is it possible to do a mass batch delete then? It would be easier for me if it were possible through excel format like batch update and batch create; however batch delete just stays in manager. So anyway to delete a mass of items cause its time consuming going through 700+pages.

you can do a Batch Update and delete the duplicates in excel.

This is what i get whenever i delete the duplicate items and try to update. I just tried on a test company.

i have an excel pricelist; it would be easy if i could just delete the whole inventory. Is that possible?

Have a look at “Batch Delete”
At the bottom of the screen in the inventory item tab

Batch Delete only allows me to select items and delete per page. I want to mass delete as i explained earlier. Its 735pages

okay i figured a work around with the limitation. i opened it in my browser and changed the url at the end to show this Skip=0&Take=35000; instead of Skip=50&Take=50. That way it shows 35000 per page.

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