Date of export in reports/statments

Recently i i had issue with some of my supplier.

in Supplier Statements, there is an option to select date range and then statment created, but issue is there is no inditcation of about statment creation/export date.

Like if get Supplier Statements statment from 1 Nov 2022 to 30 Nov 2022,

after that i found ny missing entry of purchase invoice i will it there, then again i get Supplier Statements , both statments will show same date range but different amounts/invoices.

is it somehow possible to actual statments creation date automatically on all reports?
i dont know if its possible with theme edit or not as @lubos suggested not to used theme edit in future.

You need to better explain what you mean. It sounds like you are worried about reports being different after you have added missing transactions. Why should that require changing report content? And how would the change make any difference? You have an incorrect report and a correct one, with the same dates.

there is no unique number on reports
no unique refernce number, no date nothing.

when some is reconciling old ledgers, its hard to know what statement was printed on what date. which printed statement is new or which is old
we can already print new one but in case i have provided customer/supplier statment to other company;s accounts, previsouly, we should know what date it was.

You misunderstand how reports work. Their content is not saved. Only the definition is saved. When data fitting the definition changes, the report changes. And when dates are relevant to any report, they are displayed. A printed or saved report image was only valid when created. Printing it again will only produce the same image if the underlying data remained the same. If you added transactions, you would get a different image even with identical parameters.

i got your point and i fine with it.

i just want to add either refernce number (as available in invoices, payments etc) or date of report creation. it should be eas task for develper.

Reports have no reference because they are not stored. And the date a report is printed is irrelevant to anything.

I agree some form of versioning of out going documents is of value. A date of generation makes most sense to me as it provides some stand alone auditing information.

I also agree there is value in having an exact copy of documents sent to external parties for precisely the type of issues you describe. Manger may create reports dynamically but the copy of the report in the external partied hands is not dynamic, they have now obsolete information.

I address that by saving out going correspondence as a pdf then attaching it to the financial transaction. Not ideal but the best I could do atm Feature Request: Report Snapshots - #17 by Patch

For standard document the history button can be used to identify past changes.

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Reports never had custom themes so is not relevant.