Date format under History

Hi there,

Just a very minor point.
I notice that when I use the History button, the date format is USA. I have set the date format to NZ (31/1/20), all transactions show correctly except the History page which lists in US format. I am using the latest version of Manager, 20.7.85


This unfortunately can’t be done properly due to Javascript limitation as far as I can tell. As a workaround I’d need to ask user to specify their timezone and time format just to show the right thing under History screen. I don’t think that’s worth it since it’s just one screen (it’s the only screen that needs to show local date and time which has been captured by the system).

Anyway, I did improve what I could. You can test version 20.7.92 which might or might not fix the issue.

Hi Lubos

It was no biggy, No the update didn’t change things.
Many thanks