Date for full year

Date format is showing DD-MM-YY, I think it should be updated DD-MM-YYYY e.g 5-Apr-2021 instead of 5-April-21

That option is already available. It is shown in your own screen shot.

I think @subrosumon wants the full year digits with a spelled out month. The option is not available in the list

Perhaps, but what was asked for was DD-MM-YYYY. The request and the example were contradictory.

That’s why i have mentioned “5-Apr-2021 instead of 5-April-21”

I assume the date format you would like is DD-MMM-YYYY ie 5-Apr-2021, a reasonable request.

  • The advantages of the format is it has unambiguous identification of year, month and day for all dates and is in a standard human readable notation
  • The disadvantage is it uses more characters and the text sort order is very different to chronological order.

now i understand, thanks