Database Problem

I had a Problem to load my database manager, help please.

Follow the instructions. Hopefully you have a backup.

Backup is not available, because my hard drive is damaged. this is the only file i have

Then you are out of luck. Every storage device will eventually fail. Separate and frequent backups are essential for critical applications like accounting. Your only hope is to see if a professional data recovery service can salvage anything from your drive. But that is rarely possible.

Just to supplement on what @Tut said, it’s also important to have a practice of making weekly if not monthly backups and uploading them to cloud storage forexample Google drive, iCloud just to mention…with cloud storage, you don’t suffer risks of hardware failure and you can retrieve your backups from any device of your choice…at any time :relaxed:

One way you can try to repair your database with some sqlite browser/explorer. Before doing this make a copy of the file. Hope it help you to get back your database file. :slight_smile: