Database problem

I had a problem last month that once I click on my business, one message appeared saying “you are running an outdated version. Please use the latest version available.” [Pic.1] once I updated the software it is just loading, I’m not able to go the page [Pic.2]. Please anyone help me.
Note: I have two more files, those are working fine. I believe this database file got corrupted. any ideas?

Did you update by following this Guide: Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager?

Also, where did you obtain your new version? v20.7.13 is 42 versions out of date as I write this. Download only from Download | Manager.

This is the message I get. Please help me. Is there are any tools available to repair the database file?

The file you are trying to open is not valid SQLite database. You can send it to me to and I can have a look.