Database Backup/Restore

  1. Please can you inform, where the Default active Database file resides on the C: drive that I can restore from if I need to restore in the cases where I mess up?

  2. If I choose to create my own Backup file using the Systems 'About Manager-Change function" on a different Folder I choose eg: C:\SolarWorks\Database*manager20Dec14**, how do I recover from this File if need be…?

  3. I am currently using release 14.8.43. is this version still correct…? or should I download an updated version?

To recover the backup file, when you open manager there is an option of add business on the right at the top click on that button then there will be two options, 1, creat new, 2, import back
Click on import back and import the manager backup file. This is how you can import backup file.
You need to back up daily since your data is not automatically backed up in that file