About your software

Can we transfer your system data to mssql server



If not than how can we export data to excel when nepal’s tax office asks the data.
What is the database that you use…

You need to specify what information is required.

I need to export every data like cash details, transcation, etc in excel.
And do you have a contact person in nepal

You can manually export everything from the interface but you cannot dump the entire database to sql

This is not sufficient information. Please describe exactly what is needed. Reports may already exist. But good answers cannot be given to such sweeping questions. What must you actually submit to the tax authority?

No. All support comes through this forum and the Guides.

I mean that can we migrate your software data to another company software.

Now you are asking a completely different question. Migration to another accounting system is not exporting data.

The answer is no. Virtually no accounting system in the world can be successfully migrated to another unless they are both products of the same company. Database structures are unique and proprietary.

If there is need for a government tax authority to inspect the books, maybe Suraj_Chapagain could consider whether creating a restricted user account would work. I don’t use this feature myself. But I see from the Manager Guides and by trying it out that you have a lot of control over what a restricted user can see. You can restrict which businesses, which accounts, and which reports a restricted user can see.

You would create a restricted account so that the government authority can log in and see whatever they have to see, and nothing else.

Or maybe the need is to transfer all data to some other accounting program? One approach is to keep the old data in Manager Accounting and just open new accounts in the new accounting system.

If you really want to transfer all historical data to some other accounting program, then seems that you would use Manager export features that are found throughout. As Tut was saying, every accounting program will have its own database structure. So, transferring all your data from one program to another program would require writing a program to do it. Looks to me like all Manager data can be accessed through the exports to Excel. And Excel can write comma delimited files. Then you need to write a program (or hire some programmers to write one or more programs) to input the data from the comma delimited files (CSV files) into the new accounting program or to an SQL database.

Seems to me the most cost effective and time effective way to switch to another accounting system is to leave Manager data in Manager, and open new accounts with balances in the new accounting system. You still have access to all the Manager data. And the desktop version is free.

All data in Manager is definitely not available in exports. Exports include what is available on screen and, for lists, some other data. But all transactions are not available that way.