Data loss encountered different than discussed in earlier cases

i know this is discussed a lot and a old topic. but i have encountered this data loss differently. there was a power off, and after power resume. when we logged in Manager, the data was different, the lost data partially, the customer and supplier accounts were not seen and all transactions went to suspense account.
We had a previous date back up and imported but the data displayed was not as according to what we entered prior back up.
i noticed not before this, there a .manager file named 0000000000000000.manager in the user/appdata/local/manager. and other alphanumeric file with extension (.dat). is this normal?

( i see in previous communications of the subject it the data file use to be 15 character alpha numieric, but i see this file as 32 charachter file. - Is this right?

And the similar issues which is moved under trobleshooting, i see the issue happened much with version 17.0.4 and the next version. - is there any such issues in recent updates.?

And i saw in previous communications under this issue, as to keep all .manager files in the same directory. - is this right, whats wrong if i remove once in month all files and keep only the current & correct (.manager) file. ?
How is the data file handled, when 2 or more users use the system

  1. and log out at same time - what implication?
  2. log out at different time - what implication?
  3. leave the Manager screen and data unsaved open and laptop taken away. - what implication ?

And also in this situation, realized there should be additional security password required in adding & removing business. in case the administrator screen left open and any unauthorized person can do this function.
so suggetion 1 ) is a second time password requirement when business deletion is choosed in administrator login.
suggestion 2 ), As the server is a multi user environment, the user name should be registered in transaction creation and modification.

So many questions - lets just focus on the data situation first. Which edition of Manager are you using ?

Can I suggest that you uninstall Manager and then download the latest version.
This will eliminate any possible programme issues caused by the power outage.
Uninstalling does not affect your data files.


yes, i have installed latest version and just redoing the data which is lost from my previous backup.

it is server edition and more than 2 users

@Tut explained the files in the Manager folder here:

Every so often, I delete the alphanumeric.manger files I no longer use, and have never had a problem. Just make sure you don’t delete the one for your business.

On the Desktop version, I have renamed the Manager folder in AppData to oldManager. When I started Manager and imported my business, Manager recreates the Manager folder and the files in it. Everything worked fine.

I don’t know if you can do that on the Server version, but as Tut notes the user permissions for the Server edition are stored in the 00000000000000000000000000000000.manager file so you will loose those settings. Always backup.

Thanks Friends

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The post linked to is out of date. I have closed that topic. Current information is in this Guide: Manage application data folder contents | Manager