Daily purchase invoice

Hi I have doubt when we have a supplier daily supplying material and we need to make an entry and should come in one invoice at the end of the month. do you have option for that and do let me know

If supplier gives you one invoice for whole month, you only record that one invoice. You don’t record “daily purchases” as technically you make a purchase once a month only.

Yes but we need to track the product and entry in the received item for purchase invoice for a month, so how do we go for that

You need to track it so you know whether what you paid for you have actually received?

Yes I tell you the example, we are getting a news paper everyday and it should be do the entry everyday when we received and the payment will be end of the month. so when we made a purchase invoice its should show consolidate. but here there is no option for that.

@hibiscus, you are taking things too far. A newspaper subscription is such a small cost that you are wasting time trying to record daily delivery of the paper. Think of the purchase more like buying the service of having a newspaper delivered every day. You are probably even paying in advance for the service, purchasing one month’s worth of deliveries at a time. So record the monthly purchase invoice when you receive the bill and be done with it.

If you were having major quantities of expensive supplies delivered every day, that might be a different situation. But I surely you are not putting the newspapers into inventory to track them. No doubt, they are merely thrown away after a day or two. What you describe would be like trying to track every day’s usage of laundry detergent after purchasing a single box.

Hi Tut,
I am sorry I hope you took wrong I just said the example of it, for us we have every day minimum of 30 Breakfast 25 Lunch and 30m dinner will be serving by a supplier every day and the billing will be monthly, qty keep change day by day. so how do we make it.

@hibiscus with your above example you are dealing in quantities, not accounting values therefore you should be running a monthly control sheet that records the daily quantities, total it up at months end and compare that to the monthly invoice. Not every management requirement can be resolved by an accounting system

But all the accounting system what ever the supplier credit shows right? and we can select the item or product and its give you consolidate report or statement. hope its correct

@hibiscus, @Brucanna is right. You are paying after the fact for meals provided. This is no different than being invoiced for maintenance services by a repairman after he has fixed your furnace. You would not try to account for how many hours he was spending on the repair while he was still working in your building. (You might notice when he started and stopped to be sure you were not being overcharged, but that would be just like the monthly control sheet @Brucanna mentioned.)

Imagine another example. Suppose you had a contract with a taxi company to pick up guests from the nearest airport as a free service to your guests. Once a month, the taxi company might send you an invoice for 15 or 5 or 36 trips. You would make only one purchase invoice entry. But during the month, you might keep a log sheet to record the number of trips. You would check the taxi company’s invoice against your log sheet before paying their invoice.

Ok fine I left it, further no more discussion about purchase invoices , but I have one another clarification, when we made purchase invoice the amount not showing round figure, can you make the amount round figure?

Right now, purchase invoices don’t support automatic rounding. You will need to add line item yourself to adjust the total.

As for your previous issue, if you really want to track whether you received what you’ve paid for, warehousing module is the next item on the roadmap. Warehousing is about tracking movements of items between multiple locations.