Customs themes

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I am not comfortable with the available themes
If Anybody has achieved a customs themes and would like to share it for us will be grateful
• I need to show in the themes below table
Prepared by, Approved by, Received By
• I want to Show the GL Accounts in all vouchers Excluding Sales Invoice

Search the forum for Signature.

Read the Guide: Use HTML code in fields | Manager. There is an example of a signature field.

You will not be able to create a theme that displays general ledger accounts, because that is not a variable that is used. Themes will only display the variables and fields used by the program. You can see which are used by examining the code for the default theme, Plain.

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As an example I can buy one same item from same supplier through the purchase invoice and deposit different GL Account that is why I need to show the GL Account in voucher specially in [ Expenses Claim , purchase invoices , journal entries ]

Is there is ay alternative way

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The only way to do that in Manager would be to have two different inventory items. An inventory item is always posted to the same account upon purchase. By default, this is Inventory on hand.

And you will not be able to record purchases with journal entries, because you cannot record movement of actual funds with journal entries in Manager. The need for journal entries is quite rare in Manager.