Customs fields descriptions in Excel

In order to quickly update info on our inventory items I usually do a batch update though Excel. However, I have noticed that now the fields in the Excel are named with a code, not with the actual name used in Manager. This makes the updating of the info quite complicated because we have quite a few customs field. Can we have the real name back instead of the code?

is that perhaps as a result of the importing into excel? I just checked the latest version of manager and the inventory items column headers appear to be names and not UUIDs. (you mentioned custom fields, perhaps this is a side effect of that, I’m not sure).

Is it only the custom fields where this code appears?

The customs fields were created within Manager, not through the Excel file.

It is only customs fileds that appear with the code. See here:

We use the cloud version so we should be using the latest version as well. But in the pas the custom fields would appear with their actual names only.

@lubos I amstill struggling with this issue? Would it be possible to go back to the old version where column had the chosen custom field name? It is very difficult to batch update/create when you have a lot of custom fields and you do not know which field is what.

Why don’t you create an item, a customer,… or whatever it is you want to use with batch update/create that has identifiable characters in your custom fields and use that as a template?

If you have a custom field called xfield enter xxxxxx in the field, etc

That will make it easy to map the custom fields in your Excel spreadsheet - note the order once and for all

I am not sure I understand what you mean.

When you export the data from Items (Items Batch Update) all custom fields have a code, instead of the name that has been given to them. I have 10 custom fields for items. So I get 10 columns with the name “CustomFields…” and a long code. Most of these fields use simply text, so it is not that easy to identify which one is what.

These columns used to have the actual name given to the custom fields, e.g. in my case “Category” or “Subcategory”. Currently they are named “CustomFields.71c5b63f573f48138647737dba034d99” etc. and when you work with a lot of info to add, this, believe me, doesn’t help.

Create an item called Testitem and in your custom fields for this item enter custom1, custom2, custom3, etc

Now if you do a batch update you will know in what order the custom fields appear and what there codes are

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