Inventory item batch create issue

I use the batch create for inventory items often, sometimes several times in the one day.
This has always worked well until I upgraded to the latest version yesterday.

Manager has rearranged the order of all my columns (which is a pain as I have spreadsheets designed around how it’s always worked, with many formulae & links to other spreadsheets etc.) but it has also renamed many of the fields to obscure names.

My custom fields have now been renamed (only for batch create purposes) to names that mean nothing to me.

Some example are:

CustomField[Barcode] is now called CustomFields.e7d82b063ed84a708ff2b552577c2e53

CustomField[Size] is now CustomFields.8db33ee8f94c4d6ca8e14931c4112acd

CustomField[Brand] is now CustomFields.0bb5fd5eaeb842cf9e3eb37dbd149441

and so forth.

If I enter data using the old field names, the field is just left blank on the import.

Any idea why this has happened and can it be rectified?

Thanks :slight_smile: