Customizing Payslip Report

I will like to customize payslip report to show, for each staff, the following column headings: Name; Total Earnings;PAYE Deductions; Pension Contribution; Employer Pension.
That is a report that will show all the earnings and all the deductions (especially tax and pension). I have tried to create custom report from payslip but the items displayed to select from non of the payslip items I created is there.
Please I need help.

Why is the standard payslip form not adequate? It provides this information, as long as all those items have been properly set up as payslip items. See and

I have set up the payslip. It is the report that I need. A report that can detail the earnings/deductions as column heads and the staff name as rows for tax returns. Maybe am yet to be familiar with adequate appropriate system report.


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And also for the purpose of printing out detail payroll for approvals.


All this information is available in the payroll reports, though possibly not in the format you envision. In that case, export to a spreadsheet and manipulate as you like. That can deliver what you want, while a custom report cannot.