Customizing date range for reports

I’ve been using M for a few years now but I’ve never figured out how to customize the date range for my balance reports. M just adds up everything I’ve ever entered and I would like to do it yearly so I can keep track of Income/Expenses.

I’ve tried to set the range in Summary as the guide explainsand then entering a date range like from 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015 but it takes me clear back to when I started my business in 2014.

Im sure Im not getting something right but would appreciate some input.

Also my Manager does not have anything in the tabs that shows I can update it.

Any helpful input would be appreciate

Thanks from Alaska!

Balance sheet accounts are permanent, @Silvia_Griselda_H_Bu. They are meant to do exactly what you describe. Income and expense accounts are “temporary;” that is, they start over each accounting period. Setting the period for the summary only applies to income and expense accounts. The Profit and Loss Statement (also called the income statement) is where you keep track of income and expenses. It sounds like you might benefit from a professional discussion of this. I recommend having a look at this excellent web site: Accounting Basics | Explanation | AccountingCoach. Start from the page linked to and navigate around from there.

To update Manager, just download the appropriate version from the web site and install it the same way you did your older version. (If you have been using Manager for years and haven’t updated, you will certainly be hundreds, possibly thousands, of improvements behind. Be prepared to relearn many of the workflows, as some have altered quite significantly. But forum help will be focused on the current version, so things that might not have made sense now will.)

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