Customize Server Edition

Can I customize the server edition. Or can you provide the customized version according to my requirement.

I need something like this:

  • Vouchers (Journal vouchers,cash vouchers,check payment, cash payment)
  • Voucher Processing(check payment processing, cash payment processing,check deposit, authorized vouchers, voucher posting)
  • Receivables (Customer definition, customer acc. adjustment ,adjust customer opening balance,reports)
  • Payable (vendors definition, vendors acc. adjustment ,adjust vendors opening balance,reports)
  • General reports (account, finance , control)

Manager can do all of that except for “authorizing vouchers” which you might just do outside of Manager for the time being.

Have a look at our guides at Guides | Manager to learn how to record cash/bank transactions, journal entries, how to manage A/R & A/P and finally how to generate required reports.

can i have journal voucher, cash payment and bank payment prefix numbering ??