Server Edition - own changes


Will I have chances to modify the code if I will buy a server edition?

Because I wanna add tags field, the name of the project to sort cost by that fields.

Also I wanna integrate my CRM with, is it possible?


Job costing is coming next month.

Integration with other systems such as CRM will be possible when API is released. I don’t have ETA for this because demand doesn’t seem to be there yet.


I’d be super keen to get hold of an API for Manager, it would mean that some niche things I want to be able to do (like Flat Rate tax) I could build myself until such a time it might be available in the product itself. :smile:


I was looking into flat rate VAT in UK and have determined that Manager is compatible with it without any adjustments.

The basic principle is that you cannot claim VAT back on expenses and your VAT payable is fixed percentage of your sales subject to VAT.

So when invoicing clients, you should be using normal VAT codes whether you are on flat rate VAT or not. It must make no difference to your customers. When you are recording expenses, you shouldn’t be using VAT tax codes as you are not allowed to claim any VAT on expenses back.

When you are ready to lodge your VAT return, your VAT payable can be calculated from your VAT-inclusive total sales. You can find that figure on Tax Summary report. Then apply your VAT flat rate percentage to this total based on your business type.


Indeed - That’s quite correct, however I’d really like to be able to account for the difference between VAT received and VAT due (and keep a running total) as Manager’s current running total (Tax payable) is equal to the overall VAT rate (20%) rather than my VAT payable rate (14.5%)

This means that my liabilities, and thus my accounts as a whole, are incorrect.


I think there are quite a few countries with flat tax rates on turnover. I will look into this further and some module will be implemented to handle this automatically.

Right now, you would need to make regular journal entries to Tax liabilities account to reflect your true VAT liability. I agree automating this process would be much better solution.


If we purchase server edition ,can we modify the code from our end or will we get support from you?
Can you also confirm which technology has been used in building this?


It’s not possible to modify the code and for the good reason. If custom modifications would be allowed, they would be most likely incompatible with future versions and you would miss out on free upgrades.

Not to mention, the software allows for great degree of configuration within the program and more is being added on ongoing basis.

The software is written 100% in C#.