Can I remove Unit, Quantity & Discount Columns from Sales Invoices

I have downloaded Manager this afternoon and am learning using a test business i set up as suggested.
As a Bathroom & Laundry Reno company i have no need of the Unit, Quantity or Discount columns in the Sales Invoice Template. I do not need to keep an Inventory. I would prefer just to have the Description Column to put Bathroom Renovation. Is it possible to edit the template to do this please? I’ve checked the forums, and gone through the Settings but am unable to find anything on this so far… Thanks

If you don’t enter anything in those columns, they will not appear on the sales invoice when you create it. Many things in Manager are like that: columns appear only when there is something in them. For example, this line item on the sales invoice entry screen:

produces this on the sales invoice:

Of course, if other line items had quantities or unit prices, the columns would appear, but with appropriate blanks:

(Forgive my spelling error on “renovation.”)

If this is not adequate, your alternative is to code your own sales invoice template under Settings => View Templates. You need HTML skills for that.

@Tut…That’s awesome…Thank you so much for your help and for such a prompt reply… I will try that this morning…Rosie