Customers per item

Hi, I am new to manager. Trying to create report: ‘which customers bought a specific item’. It seems there is no standard report for it, so I created this report:

, but it doesn’t show up any results. I have created a customer who has bought that item. What am I doing wrong, or how should it be done? Many thanks in advance.


Because these two pieces of information are stored in separate tables. It would be really nice if this query was able to join tables and views, I think it would be a great feature to have.

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Thanks. So if I have sold a certain item and something is wrong with it, there is no way to find a list of customers who have bought this? Or if I had sold software and wanted to follow up sometime later with an update, there is no way to track those customers down in a list? Thanks.

Yes, there is. Generate a Sales Invoice Totals by Item report. Drill down on the total for the item in question. You will see a list of sales invoices where the item was sold. Sort the list by the Contact column, which in this case is the customer. You can then export the list, if required.

Pretty cool, that works. Thanks!