Calculating Commission for Sales Man

We are putting sales man in customize filed. And can calculate the sales commission (monthly) for sales man, by making report of total sales by special field “Sales man”.
But some item (slow moving) we want to pay more for pushing the sales.
We can calculate the total sale of all item by individual sales man,
But we can not find out which item is sold by which sales men.
Can you guide us how to do?

Create a Sales Invoice Totals by Item report for the month. Drill down on the item(s) designated for extra commission. Then view each sales invoice in the resulting list(s) and note who made the sale. You could also export the list(s) to a spreadsheet, then look up the salesman and add that to the spreadsheet.

another simple approach would be to create two variations of the salesmen in your custom field.
for example, David can be selected for sales of regular items and David 2 can be selected for sales of slow moving items. by this method you can calculate the commission separately.

Thank you to Tut & sharpdrivedek, what we are doing now is we create custom field for Salesman, and we make reports for monthly by custom fields, which shows individual sales man, sale per month.
Then we can click the total and it shows all the invoices, that particular salesman did in a month.
But the invoice is the combine of all item what he made to that shop, so we have to open very invoice and collect the data manually.
If the program can show sales man item wise in report.
of if the system can make the reports which shows, items wise and salesman (as custom field), it will be very helpful for calculation.

There is currently no way to do that. Either method, however, would at least tell you which invoices to look at, so you are not wasting time looking at those with only normal items.

yes, thank you

Thank you for this question
And I want you to help me with the steps of creating a custom salesman field with pictures Please

@Ahmed_el_kaffas, read the Guide: Use custom fields | Manager.

You are looking at a thread almost 3 years old. Since then, a report has also been added: Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field that will help you obtain information about each salesperson’s performance.

Thank you very much for your replay
And please can you learn me how to connect custom field wıth other fixed fields for example connect a custom salesman field with the invoice that paid

Did you read the Guide? It does not look like you visited that link.

Each custom field is defined for a single transaction type. So the contents of a field are part of the record of a transaction. They are not linked to other fields.

Okeey i got it thank you