VIP sale price

possible to let we add a VIP sale price, it easy to my employee to get know the VIP price, no need to ask me again and again,i can set fix it at VIP sale price, and is also easy to find out our VIP customer details from the customer list

Yeah, just use custom fields to create new field on Inventory Item level.

See: Guides | Manager

Thank for reply. Custom field only for internal view right? Custom field is very usefull for me to create supplied price list at inventory, but if I put the VIP price is just for me to view at inventory, I hope that can be use at invoice to let me select the VIP customer price or example discount price on invoice there to let we select when customer asking for discount and the discount price already fix at the inventory VIP price. I think this will be helpful. Or you can give any suggestions for this?

You will need to wait until “price levels” are implemented which will allow you to set different prices for different groups of customers.

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Oh, yaya good, thank Lubos

I am waiting for this feature too . Can you please confirm any timeline for this feature . it should be put on purchase price as well .