Aged Receivables Report - Invoice due date column option

On this report can there be a column where the actual due date can be shown or would I have to recreate it under custom reports. It would be very handy to have rather than having to find it out when using to chase outstanding debts

Be sure when creating or editing the report to check the box to Show invoices. That information can then be easily obtained by clicking on the blue balance for an invoice.

Thank you. I do that now but it would be great for the due date to show on the report so you don’t have to click on every invoice every time you run the report, especially when you have many invoices outstanding.

I fully support @crhodes feature request.
My own business use-case is as follows:
I invoice my customers on a ‘net 10-day credit after delivery’, so goods delivered on let’s say the 1st of May are invoiced on the 1st of May with a due-date of the invoice on the 10th of May.
Every week I send out to the customer a statement of Unpaid Invoices so that he knows - as a courteous payment reminder - which invoices are due when (as he pays exactly on the due-date). If the Statement is sent out on the 5th of May, invoices due on the 7th, 8th or any future date are shown in the ‘current’ period without indication of the actual due-date. Of course, he can trace each invoice sent as listed on the statement and come up with his own ‘payment-maturity’ list. Showing the due-date on the Statement would be very helpful, not nly for the Customer, but also for my own money-inflow overview. Currently I am manually compiling the due-date list (both for the Customer and myself) which is rather tedious and occasionnally error-prone (especially when many invoices are involved).
Appreciating a favourable consideration.

Fair enaugh

If the due date information is entered in the transaction description field (not the line description) it will appear on the Customer Statement

Edit: This is probably more relevant to @EridDK than it is to @crhodes

AJD You are correct, but I think we are speaking about the Aged Receivables report which shows all the customers

You’re correct @AMM , I realised that after I had contributed that information, and then I edited the post. The information may be helpful to @EridDK who mentioned that it would be helpful to have it on the customer statements.

In Fact both are useful to variable users ( For me both will be useful)
Thank you

While adding the Due Date in the Transaction (Invoice) Description narrative is indeed a simple work-around, it does require duplicating information which is already present in the invoice when entering the transaction, possibly subject to erroneous (and confusing) input. Not really practical when entering a large number of invoices.

Showing the Due Date in a seperate column on the Statement could be made ‘Optional’ when defining the Statement with providing a Tick-Box ‘Show Due Date’. If unticked, show the current lay-out, if ticked show the Due Date.

I would appreciate if this topic could be raised to ‘idea’ level and put on the developper’s radar.
@Tut, you may want to edit the topic as ‘Due Date on Statement of Unpaid Invoices’.
Actually the feature of adding the due date applies to both Customer and Supplier Statements.
Thank you

It was already moved to the ideas category 3 days ago.

I vote for this feature

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