Customer statement translation error in Arabic

I have an issue in Manager desktop edition:

When i request a customer statement in Arabic the balance nature translated wrong for example if the balance is Dr it will show as Cr and by that i am not talking about the transactions every thing in the report is correct except for using credit phrase for debit balance and vise versa.

How to solve this issue


I suspect you are misunderstanding the perspective of debits and credits. See the last paragraph of this Guide:

Thanx for your kind reply ,
I think that i did not explain the issue very well , all what you included in your replay is correct , but this is not the case i discuss , the customer statement report shows the customer as credit as example when it has debit balance where is the English version is correct and shows the right nature of the balance.

I hope that i could discuss this issue properly , thank you again

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Thank you for the screen shots. I thought you were referring to the column headings. I do not know exactly how the the translations work, but I have always assumed they were a simple process of lookup and substitution. If that is correct, it would seem that the same mistake would occur everywhere. To clarify this, let me ask two questions:

  1. Are the translations in the column headings for debit and credit correct? In other words, is the translation you have highlighted in yellow for Debit the proper translation into Arabic? And is the circled column heading for Credit under your Cr annotation correct? Or are those switched?

  2. Is this the only place in the program where the mistake occurs? For example, does it happen on Supplier statements? Or does it happen on drill-down reports? (Below is an example drill-down from the Summary page for an income account. Notice that Debit is first and Credit is second.) You can switch language preference back and forth from English to Arabic to check this.

Hi , Thank you for your kind replay. Answering to your questions :
1- The translations in the column headings for debit and credit is correct,but the problem is the switching between debit and credit in the balance as an example from above:

7,000,000 دائن (mean Cr in English) must be 7,000,000 مدين (mean Dr in English)

2- This problem also appears in supplier statement report, credit balance show annotation of “مدين(Dr)” while it must be “دائن(Cr)”

I hope that i answer you clearly , Thank you a lot for your help.


Thank you for the additional information. I will elevate this as a bug.

@madox, this is an issue in Arabic translation, not in Manager itself.

Go to to gain access to Arabic translations. What you want to fix are two segments:

  • XXX_Dr
  • XXX_Cr

When you fix them, they will appear correct in the latest version within 24 hours.