Customer statement transactions

I have major issue, when i start 2020 all my invoices & payments transactions for 2019 are gone. i tried to get customer statement report for unpaid invoices but i surprised all 2019 transactions are gone. so kindly i need your help for this issue


What do you mean by gone? Gone from where?

when you start a new financial year you should not change the Start date again under Settings. only the Summary tab dates need to be changed.
read the guide Set reporting period | Manager

I mean when I try to get customer unpaid report it will show me all paid and unpaid invoices, also when I checked invoices all paid invoices changed to unpaid. So kindly help me out for resolving this issue

By mistake I changed start date after that I faced this issue. Can I roll it back?

yes. you can enter the date you had set earlier.

Thanks my issue has been solved