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please edit your above post to explain what you have changed in the theme and what it actually does. this would be helpful for other users including me.

We have left other softwares behind and fully integrated all modules in Manager to have ONE system in plance and Manager is fulfulling most of our requirements therefore we are working Live on Cloud Edition with multiple user. With times, requirements changes. I wonder, Manager is suggesting to look for a solution outside the system whereas system has the capacity to perform such task effectively and efficiently.

I have mentioned in other topics, we have more than 2000 students (customers) and this report is used daily by different branches/location with regular intervals. Shortly, more than 100 times in a day!!

We understand the pain and this is the reason we come here to seek Manager’s assistance as now it has gone beyond our control and consumes a lot of time of team members just to address one query as requested from customer end.

sorry but you cannot make progress if you are expecting a one-click solution for everything. it is impossible to fulfil the needs of every individual. take a look at the #ideas category where you can find nearly 200 suggestions most of which would pre-date even the membership of some of the oldest forum members here.

as explained to you many times earlier by a valuable member, Manager already provides the report you need. no matter how many times in a day you require such a report, the details of the same are already available to you from Manager. you are simply expecting a one-click solution with a fancy presentation.

also, the developer has made Custom Reports feature available where users can create their own unique reports. you can search many topics on the forum for ideas on creating custom reports.

This line was inserted to capture the position of overdue column

These two lines were inserted to filter out the current rows

This section replaces the entire old totals section. It filters out “Current” and “Total” totals and calculates the new total.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t access the currency symbol maybe because it isn’t exposed or maybe I just don’t know how. In any case, the currency symbol have to be coded in or removed entirely from theme in case you have foreign currency accounts. It’s also possible to capture it from the “Balance due” column and append it to OverdueTot.


There are many ways to do things, and working outside of Manager isn’t particularly a bad thing. You could connect your spreadsheet program to Manager and from there you could work wonders all without introducing bloat to the software.

And while most user requests are valid, you cannot make Manager the solution to each and every problem because it’s definitely going to make it bloated pretty quickly. I admire the vision of Lubos in that regard – while many other systems would give in to the immense pressure to include each and every niche request, Manager has been razor-focused on performance and simplicity which are the two biggest selling points of Manager if you ask me.

However, I fully agree with you on finding a solution from within Manager itself is far better than manual processing which is why I believe we should thank @lubos for the powerful features put in our hands like themes, custom fields, custom actions and the API.

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Thank you so much for such clarification.

We understand Manager has the capacity and we are trying to use the same in very effective, efficient and productive way. We have learnt that we belong to service industry with monthly billing to 1000’s of customer which is a serious challange for Manager! but somehow we tried to manage and realized after migrating to Manager.

That’s not true. However, Manager has given the fexibility to transform the user requirement with the support of Custom fields and Theme! and it was managed in that way otherwise it was a Show Stopper for us, as we have to issue invoices along with arears!

We would appreciate, if Manager team can share the parameters of Unpaid Invoices in order to prepare statement from Custom Report; as we tried but could not reach to same results.

One of the limitation is that we cann’t give the access of Custom Reports to Limited User. It was already in Dec, 2020.

Besides, it is also requested to please add Custom Theme support in Custom Report.

Just to avoid these many complexity and understanding Manager’s team effective utilitization of time in bringing effeciencies in other functions; it was requested to just provide a facility extactly with same functions just change the parameters from unpaid to overdue invoice. That’s was the simple solution, I could have think off respecting everyone time and understanding Manager functions so far.

Still, I have no solution have definitely have to follow Manager therefore seek your assistance in any of the aspects to overcome the challanges we are facing.

Themes—whether built-in or custom—are not used to display reports. Themes only format transaction forms, displaying data passed to them according to the type of transaction being displayed. What might look like an exception to this rule is the customer and supplier statements. But while they are listed in the Reports tab, those are actually transaction forms in Manager’s design.

Themes change the appearance and display data in a transaction form. Reports retrieve, process, format, and display data according to hard coding. That is why themes cannot be used for reports.

That’s a serious challenge to every accounting software. The solution is usually to have a separate billing system and batch process the outcomes. But this is where Manager’s rest API shines. You can easily integrate Manager with anything or even design your own.

If I understood your problem, your situation involves issuing monthly invoices in advance each semester or year, but your payments fall at smaller regular intervals of, say, one week or one month.

One solution is to use a custom theme for your statements to adapt them to display exactly what you need. This will work for all customer all the time.

The second solution is to create post dated invoices, or recurring invoices that are due immediately, this way you avoid the entire custom report/situation altogether.

For renegotiated due dates you can copy the delayed invoice once to a current dated credit note and a second time to a new current dated invoice with the revised payment terms. This will have no effect on your sales since both the new invoice and credit note cancel out in the period of revision.

I would personally go with option #2 but I am starting to think that I there might be something that we are all missing something here.

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Thanks for said clarifition, so its negative for Custom Report too :slight_smile: !

This does not resolove the problem and there are a lot of other challanges. Specially, data integrity, reliance and a battle in data transformation. Yet, we were doing the same and finally we integrated all modules in Manager and exploring options one after the other for effective use of Manager!

I had explore it earlier and learnt that there is no such document availible for API integration, as we planned to integrate receipts with bank too. Would appreciate if you can put some light on it in fresh topic or tag me to such discussion where I can easily understand for API.

Yes, it’s monthly billing each month same fee. In addition, there is annual fee which is spread in four installment at year start so first four month bill will go with monthly bill and installment 1 and like wise.

We opted for the reoccuring invoice and custom theme which fulfills our purpose in normal course but once a case of deferment (understanding for future payment) it does not suffice our purpose.

Credit Note is a good suggestion and will also explore further, if we can mold some procedure. However, you are considering period as one year however we have monthly reporting system therefore proceeding with this would affect monthly revenues.

Thank you once again with thoughtful suggestions!

It wouldn’t. Keep in mind that you will make one credit note and one new invoice in the same month of revision so the effect on sales and receivable will always cancel out.

Suppose you issued an invoice in March for 50 which is due in August. Later in June, the customer requests postponement.

What you do is this:

  • Copy the original invoice to a new credit note in June for -50
  • Clone the original invoice in June for 50 due in September.

The effects on sales and receivable in the month of June is Zero (50 for invoice -50 for CrN).

However, the original invoice is no longer outstanding in June and has been replaced by the new invoice which is due in September.

All of that is assuming the period is locked. If the period wasn’t locked you can simply go ahead and change the due date directly in the original invoice.

Still another way to bypass the period lock is to single out the original invoice by searching for it and then batch update it by only changing the due date. No need to unlock and relock this way.

Our invoices issued on 1st of every month and due on 15th. Credit Notes seems to be one of the option but does not suits logical flow and adds un-necessary entries.

We have opted this way, but this does not have affect on unpaid invoices and statement shows as is; our requirement is to exclude that future due from current statement. By changing the due date, it off-sets earlier due invoices from receivable which was recently explained in another discussion.

@Rajwani, your difficulty comes from the fact that you want to create invoices but not have them show on statements. This is illogical. Why do you not want the customer to know the complete state of their account with you? Why do you think your customers cannot read due dates on their invoices and determine what must be paid and when?

The reports available in Manager are completely ordinary. If you want something so unusual, I think you should not expect Manager to produce it for you, because making it available will cause confusion and problems for others. Sometimes, when you have unusual needs, you must accept the fact that whatever you need must be produced outside a standard accounting package. In decades working in many industries, I have never encountered a business that did not perform some accounting tasks outside its main accounting system.

Actually, as mentioned earlier in other topics too that we are managing school operations where a voucher/challan is issued with arrears and the same is paid in bank (bank, school and parent copy). Unfortunately, there is no other provision in Manager to issue such required voucher; which we pronounced as Show Stopper. After through study, Manager’s Guide and support on different topics on Manager’s Forum, we reach to a conclusion that Unpaid Invoices with Custome Theme can suffice the purpose and the same worked smoothly for couple of months.

I think, this has nothing to do with standard of accounting package. In addition, we are not demanding any unusual. It is common norm across all education system even utilities companies too.

There is simple technique that when there is arrears and customer seeks installment, you support them and do not break ticket items/invoices; that’s petty much it.

I understand it and as I mentioned earlier that we were working in parallel system and it was really a pain to transform the data and use the same for financials which is addressed to an extend with integration. Beside, I think, outside application should be seek for Management Accounting/Report and Financial Analysis purpose untill Manager plan to reach there not for meeting basic and necessary operational needs i.e. issuing a voucher; practically that’s does not sounds to be a solution and system is live and updated on daily basis.

The following is the sample statement sent to the customer with fee names and descriptions.


The customer has requested to send the statement of only due invoices which means one need to exclude the last two invoices. Based on this statement, customer process the payments and so on.

@Rajwani is there a reason you are ignoring all the suggestions already provided by users who took time out of their schedule to help you?

many methods were already explained to obtain the details which is your unique requirement. no other user has requested it. yet you are stretching this discussion in hope of a feature to be developed so that you can have a one-click solution.

in post#12 @Ealfardan provided you a custom theme which is the best solution for your requirement. why don’t you try it and give feedback on that appreciating their effort to help you?

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Before I worried about accommodating the customer’s style preferences, I would focus on getting the customer to pay their overdue invoices.

Given the above information I think that the obvious solution to your problem is to issue the statement as at the end of the month (not early in the new month) and this will exclude invoices that are not overdue.

Is this too obvious, or am I missing something?

@sharpdrivetek None of the suggestion had been ignored, we kept discussing and trying to find out one of the best way out from the bottle neck situation. In addition, none from our team is a programmer therefore we cannot easily understand the codes and it takes longer than expected from any other frequent user/programmer. Earlier in other topics, we have also requested if can be align with a programmer so it was informed to look for own…

@Ealfardan Thank you so much for wounderful solution!!! We had tried your suggested changes and it worked perfectly!! Then we applied the logic behind the same in our existing Custom Theme.

Thank you once again for your support!!

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I don’t know why this is the case? Now that we themes, API and custom actions I think there should be another page for developers just like we have for accountants.