Customer Report - Create a report by user transaction

Dear All,

Can you please help me to run a custom report based on user transaction in SQL query.

The custom reports (using SQL) are not fully documented, nor fully developed.

If you could let us know what information you need, we might be able to point you in the direction of an SQL query that will work - or an existing built-in report that has the information you need.

For example, have you looked at the Customer Statements?

We need to take all transactions done by a particular user in sales invoice and inventory items

If you are referring to the user that is logged in (and not the customer), then there is no automatic way to do this that I am familiar with.

You can enter the following SQL query into the custom reports section:

SELECT * FROM SalesInvoices

However, that will only return basic details about the Sales Invoice – pretty much the same information you can see on the relevant list view already.

The API also does not provide access to the logged-in user that created a transaction or Sales Invoice.

Even the audit trail does not provide much information, and does not allow you to find which record was created or modified by a given user - only the type.

So I think you are out of luck here.

Is there any solution to get it?

To track it in future you could create a custom field on all forms and require your users to select their name from a drop down. Only works though, if your users are honest enough to do it every time.

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