Customer records


Hi again. With the customer records, you can enter the name which I assume is the company name but not the customer’s name. Can this be added? First name, last name?


“Name” of customer can be name of organization or name of an individual. I understand when you are creating customer which is an organization, you need some field to enter name of contact person within the organisation. So this certainly something I will be looking into.

For the time being, you can enter this information into generic “Notes” field.


Thanks but unfortunately you can’t search on the notes field.


An alternative is just to put the company name in brackets, thats my current method. An example…

Tom Fisher (Company Name)

That way it’s searchable.


Thanks mate, I had thought of that. Company Name (Contact Name)


Would be nice to see a report on customers (performance) can be printed. Now only see the outstanding payment list, also if any chance to link all applicable costs to a sale and look at a P&L statement on a Sale / customer invoice base… the 3 days I have been using I am getting the hang of the system and its superb… wonderful job mate…


@ranga This is going to be addressed by upcoming plugin called Tracking Codes