Contact tracking for customers, suppliers and staff

It would be useful to have a couple more options for custom fields. In particular, I wanted to add a way of tracking contacts with customers (phone calls and meetings with a date field and a short note field).

Also, is it possible to rename the main fields like “customers”, the company I work for is a non-profit and something like “stakeholder”, “volunteer” and “contractor” would be better than customers/employees/suppliers.

As of now, the main tabs cannot be renamed. Default, or control, accounts can be, though. The chart of accounts list under Settings will show your new name in dark print, but also shows the original control account name in grey print. The Summary shows only your new name.

What you ask for, of course, is a customer relationship management system. I’ve never seen @lubos mention any plans to add that capability.

Hi Mr. @lubos any scope of seeing a CRM in Manager. Down the line I wish Manager be a ERP solution for many companies like us

I imagine in future it will be possible to create custom tabs which can contain custom records. So for example, if you want to track interactions with customers, you would be able to create a tab for that.

However, before diving into it, I do want to make sure custom reports and a few other features are fully implemented. Then custom tabs will be much more useful (not just being a repository of data).

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