Customer portal

@dalacor what is the purpose of this post? Lots of the items are already in ideas so not sure of any value add than a summary of what is already being listed. What can one do with this except saying this and that is already in the ideas category? I fail to see the value of this topic.

My purpose is to try and get some movement on the development of the customer portal. The portal was created nearly 18 months ago and precisely bumpkis has happened since.

It is immensely frustrating to have something which has great potential yet cannot be used as its not ready for production use.

Second I don’t consider it practical to develop the customer portal one idea at a time in isolation. It needs to work as a holistic design.

Not that it matters. Probably be 5 years before the portal is developed for production use judging by how long it takes to get anything done.

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