Customer (not custom) reports

Continuing the discussion from SQL schema for creating custom reports:


Since enhanced custom reports (and enhanced custom reports documentation) are at the very bottom the roadmap as you continue to successfully tackle more-pressing matters, I wonder whether there’s any possibility of creating a canned customer (note the -er at the end of the word) report that lists sales broken down by customer, as I previously mocked up in the post linked above.

In the same vein, it would be great to be able to generate a report of billable hours broken down by customer, whether the hours are invoiced or uninvoiced. This would be very useful in day-by-day and week-by-week time accounting and for tracking progress toward a time budget before an invoice is generated, especially in the absence of job-costing and job-accounting while that remains further down on the roadmap as well. I know much of this information can be garnered manually by sorting and filtering the Billable Time ledger screen, but the format is not entirely suitable for printing.

Thanks for considering my suggestions, as usual!

I really believe this is exactly in the scope of custom reports. The main motivation behind custom reports is to avoid having dozens of reports and still having users who are requesting more.

No disagreement on that. I’m eagerly awaiting enhanced Custom Reports.

Given that the enhanced (and well-documented!) Custom Reports module will fill this need, I hope you are considering allowing user-created Custom Reports to be instantiated, saved and re-run at a single click – much like canned reports can have multiple versions with their parameters saved and re-run on demand.