"Accounts Receivable" column under "Customers" tab

Wonderful feature, but is this a place where “Edit” should be an option? It would seem to me that “View” would be a better option, since these are Records of Past History on the account.
This feature may have been there a while before I realized it’s purpose. Had it been named “Account History”, or “Customer History” ", I surely would have realized earlier. Maybe there are others that feel the same.
But what ever it’s name; it’s a great feature.

Please keep in mind; I am excited to watch a game changing software in it’s development and the continuous improvements that makes it even greater.

The column represents sub-ledger for a customer within Accounts receivable control account. So basically all invoices and transactions (receipts, refunds, credit notes) posted against invoices.

You might say it’s “customer history” but I think it It’s not exactly “customer history” since accounts receivable excludes customer prepayments or work in progress.