Customer and Supplier Name list

Dear Team,

Can you please add new button for add customer or supplier details near quotation, invoice, purchase form ?

Then its very easy to add supplier and customer details while prepare quote, invoice & purchase Form.

Expecting your next patch.


This has already been discussed on the forum. You should always first use the search function before starting a new thread.

Quick answer: you can open a new browser window, in this case the customers tab window.

Yes Mark it has been discussed several times if I am not wrong
The requirement is a global need
No one is going to object to it
There may be practical difficulties to work opening two or three browser windows
There may be users who are good at playing with the browsers
And there can be employees who are good at accounting and bad at iOT
My point is If it is possible for the Developer it will be a positive enhancement to and all of us

@AMM I think you are missing the point. This will not be implemented and you can use the solution @Mark has given which works well. There have been many discussion and explanations in this and frankly I am surprised this topic even still has not been closed by a moderator because of that.