Customer Ageing

Is it possible to remove inactive customers with Nil balances from the age analysis

And is it possible to only print an age analysis with an active balance

How do we move the credit balances to balances outstanding
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What version are you using?

I am using version 19.10.18 and only those customers with balances show on my Aged Receivables report

Please explain what you mean. What credit balances? Where? And balances outstanding in what regard?

There is a debit balance showing under 30 days yet there is the same amount sitting under Credit balance the total is zero
It make the age analysis look back
How to move the credit to the amount outstanding

@restdev, you cannot just move the credit on the report to the balance. You must determine its origin as well as the origin of the debit. To do that, drill down on Accounts receivable in the Summary, then on the balance for the customer affected. Examine the transactions making up the balance.

Normally, available credits are applied automatically to unpaid invoices. But, without knowing the origin of both debit and credit, it is not possible to give better recommendations.

Thx for your response
What do we do when the amount paid was more then the invoice amount resulting in a credit balance when the next invoice is paid it does not take the credit amount in consideration

Read this Guide about overpayment: Resolve overpaid status on sales invoices | Manager.