Custome Report "Unit Price"

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which field should i enter to get the “Rate” of item invoice?
Also want to remove the “Rounding Figure”


What do you mean by “Rate”?

If you mean the unit price of the items sold, I do not think that is available for custom reporting

What are you referring to as the “Rounding Figure?” You really need to use terminology from the program. No one can guess what you mean when you make up your own terms.

Ok, Thanks

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so what is the actual terminology for this -Rs.0.40 Amount?

Well, the program calls that simply “Rounding.” The reason your post was confusing is that you asked about removing it. But it was not in your custom report in the first place. So I could not tell what you were referring to.

The amount by which a sales invoice is rounded is not something that is stored directly in the database in association with that invoice, but is calculated indirectly from two other variables. One is Rounding, which can be TRUE or FALSE. The other is RoundingMethod, which can be RoundToNearest or RoundDown. You cannot “remove” these as part of a custom report, because they were used to calculate the total amount of the invoices. If you are interested in a report of how much was sold before rounding, you would need to select debits or credits and filter for specific accounts.

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Thanks @Tut

I also searched for unit price. But couldn’t find. Hope it is not available.
Instead of same, i used to get Qty and total price to excel and divide. any better solution ?

same practice i am doing.

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