Capital Accounts Report

I’m looking to use the software with my company, a fund asset management company. First of all I’d like to know if it’s possibile to track a credit/debit deriving from a Capital Account accrural movement that has not been collected/paid.
For example I’ve requested money to a quotaholder of a fund but he hasn’t paid it yet.

In order to use the software it would be great to have three extra reports in the section of Capital Accounts (or instruction to extract the data from the custom query):

  • a list of all movements (both accrural and cash) of the capital accounts with both the quantity and the amounts with possibility to filter them for each account
  • a capital account summary (like the existing one) but also with quantity with possibility to filter them for each account
  • a quota value calculation at a certain data value of the Equity from the Balance Sheet divided by quantity

How do you present this request for money - verbally, invoice or within a letter ?
Depending on the above response, you could track a Capital Account accrual payment status but not within the Capital Account itself.

With regards to quantity, not sure how this can be incorporated into the Capital Accounts beyond a static entry.


Thanks a lot for the replay.
I have to check if it is possible to emit an invoice for a request of equity of a fund. Let’s say it is possible. What would you do?

About the quantity, since it’s already in the software it’s only a metter of reporting.I want these quantities to show up in the report.

Invoice is just a title referring to a demand for payment - your “invoice” could be called Contributions Request.

You would set each quotaholder up under both the Capital Accounts and the Customers tabs.
You would issue the Contributions Request (which maybe a letter) and enter them into Manager via the Sales Invoice tab. The account used on this data entry would be the quotaholder’s Capital Account.

Now the quotaholder has a balance under the Customer account. When the quotaholder pays, then via Receive Money the Customer account balance is cleared. Creating the Aged Receivables report will show which quotaholders haven’t paid.

Yes they are there with regards to Inventory Items, but they are not there for Capital Accounts.
Unfortunately you can’t creatively use Inventory Items as a substituted for Capital Accounts as they can’t be operated with negative quantities,

Thanks again @Brucanna for the replay.

If I enter in the Cash Account to put some money in the Capital Account, MANAGER asks me a Q.ty and Unit Price

This Q.ty amount it is stored somewhere in the DB because I’m able to save it and to edit it so I think that with a particular query it would be possible to retrive it for a report.