Custom Template with prefix and subtotals

Hi there,

I need a template where I can add a prefix at invoice serial number. For example (AAA 1121)
Also It should have the subtotals separated for deferent VAT’s
For example something like this:

Sale 1 VAT 6% 100
Sale 2 VAT 13% 100
Sale 3 VAT 23% 100
Sale 4 Vat 6% 200

Sales 6% : 300 Vat 6% : 18
Sales 13%: 100 Vat 13%: 13
Sales 23%: 100 Vat 23%: 23

Value 500 Vat 54

Total amount 554


  1. Is there any page with costume templates uploaded?
  2. Is there any tutorials explaining how we could create a costume template from scratch or explaining the code in a template line by line and the variables we could use?

Thanks in advance !!!

Not available at present.

Already available when using multiple tax codes.

Custom templates are regular templates customized by users as per their needs. If you know html coding you can customize one yourself. You can search the forum and you may find what you need.


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You can edit the automatically assigned number on a sales invoice.

Only the web site:

Read the release note: [17.6.0] New workflow for custom templates

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