Prefix invoice Number

I want to use prefix Invoice no. for ex. DPWD-00001 with prefix “DPWD-”
I am using the cloud version 18.11.42 . Please advise

Just enter the prefix you want. You will have to do it every time.

You can create a custom theme for your invoice.

Where I find theme of the Sales Invoices


I meant where I can find Sales Invoices html code or template?

There is no any prefix system which I can use, does there is no prefix system?

Settings-Themes-Plain-Copy to-New Theme. Then you edit your new theme.

What I want to change

But only I am seeing this template in the Settings -> Themes

You can use the Copy To button at the top of the theme and create a custom theme.

When I am using Copy to, only second picture code appears, my question how I can find first picture html code

That’s just dummy information from manager to show the theme. When you use it on a real invoice it looks like picture 1.