Custom Sales Report Per Invoice Number

Hi all I am trying to create a sales report for 2022 that shows the same fields as my general ledger but that goes by numeric invoice numbers, I dont seem to be coming right. Can anyone help me. I am on desktop version
I need the report to show the invoice number then the date then the customer then the products and then the total of that invoice.
I am pulling my hair out currently

Welcome to the forum @BlueIvy

Post a screenshot of the custom report definition, that will be the edit screen of the custom report in question.

You will not be able to create exactly what you want. Custom reports list individual postings to the general ledger.

Oh no. You see I need to create the report for our accountant and she wants it to be in invoice numerical order but I can’t seem to get that right.

@BlueIvy, your request is a little bit strange. You say you need to create a report for your accountant, who wants a specific format. Normally, accountants are the ones who prepare reports to meet the requirements of company management or governments. So you are pulling your hair out to satisfy someone who should normally be working to satisfy you.

What is the actual purpose of this report? There may be ways to obtain the information you actually need to fulfill that purpose, rather than worrying about the manner in which it is presented.