Custom Reports

I can’t find it too

Database structure for simple qeries ?

Keen for this to be documented. Any more news on it?

When you provide the documentation, can you include how to access any custom fields that have been created?
Thanks in advance

Are you making any progress on this documentations. To create any schema from a database should be straight forward. What is the hold up? Are you creating any intelligent views to have access to the data for financial reporting? I am need additional reports and am unable to wait any longer. Why providing this feature in the application to be able to create custom reports and then not provide documents and / or allow access to users.

have you received any feedback about custom reports? Do you know what is the hold up about providing documents and database schema to users ?

I’ve just started using Manager and am very impressed with it’s ease of use and intuitive nature.

The standard reports and fine for me but is there some way to customise existing report formats via an html/css template? I’m really just interested in reducing the white space to avoid a single line overflowing to a new page.

That option is not presently available. Custom view templates are possible only for sales invoices.

Any word on this, @Lubos? I posted a request for a Custom Report of sales for the year 2015 by Customer, but I haven’t heard back. With some documentation, I could probably generate the query myself, but I haven’t been able to figure it out on my own. I keep getting unintelligible error messages when I try to run queries.

Some documentation would be appreciated. Thank you.

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@Jon, sorry for delay. I just need to knock off the first two items from the roadmap first as both are something I have promised many many months ago, earlier than documentation for custom reports. I will be definitely working on custom reports more this month so you will a lot of progress.

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Would like to know how to get specific report like detailed purchase invoice, details sales invoice, specific ledger account. etc…

Your help will highly be aprreciated


Using Custom Report it is possible to make Customer Statement Like as:
Date Invoice No Vehicle No Item Name Qty Rate Invoice Total Balance Due Over Due

(Client creates one custom field in Sales Invoice and he enter the Vehicle No.)
Balance Total Amount wanted to show in word also.
Another thinks in the Sales Invoice it is possible to create line wise custom field ?
Client is operating one Petrol Pump.

Custom reports can’t do this and won’t go this far. They are meant for internal reporting.

Not currently possible but it is something I want to add at some point in the future.

Thanks Lubos.
Manager can’t do anything for there internal reporting.?

lubos, can you please provide the community a list of tables with field names ? This would help tremendously, thanks in advance.

Where does it export to when I press the “export” button?
Is there a sum() function or a “group by”?

The list of tables looks like… use “select * from …” to get the list of fields.

Export button will simply let you save rows is spreadsheet format (TSV)

Group By and Sum() is not yet supported.

Where is the TSV file located?

Thanks for the very fast reply!

TSV file is what you will be able to save from Manager after clicking Export button.

Then you can open TSV file in your spreadsheet program.

Nothing is happening when I click on export, using v16.5.96
But it doesn’t matter, I managed to copy and paste the table into the spreadsheet.